The Little Red Book of China Business


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Name:The Little Red Book of China Business

Author :Sheila Melvin

Indroduction:Ms Melvin has written a book that most expats living in China will find familiar. Using Mao’s quotes she highlights many of the trials, humor, and experiences of living and doing business in China. From being “useful” to avoiding “arrogance” a newbie to China will many useful thoughts.
Chinese have a long memory and many of today’s difficulties are found in events that happened decades ago. You will also get an appreciation for Mao Thought and find it hard to decide if it is his genius or his ability to record the Chinese character that makes a study of his quotations a must.
If your company does business in China, especially if you are sitting in your nice office in the West, you need to read this book. If you are on your way to China, this is one of a half dozen books you need to read.
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